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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rowan Charms

I'm so excited! Today, in the mail, I got my two Rowan charms I'd ordered from Wands of Avalon If you don't know, the wood from the Rowan tree had long been believed to have protective and magical powers, and traditionally little crosses of Rowan tied with red thread were hung about the house and above the bed to keep away any evil spirits or malevolent witchcraft. They look like this:

Aren't they lovely? They even have little dried Rowan berries around the top. One of my big areas of interest (and, I flatter myself, knowledge) is in the subject of the magical properties of trees and wood. Rowan, Willow, Ash, Hazel, and Oak have been traditionally used to make Witches' wands and brooms. Unfortunately, many of these trees don't grow in my region, and I don't have the skill to woodwork even when they do. As such, I'm lucky to have found Wands of Avalon, and Karl Feret at Rare Earth Designs to make my wonderful magical tools for me.*

On my "wish list" now is a traditional Witch's broom, with an Ash handle, Birch twigs, and a Willow binding. If anybody knows how I can make that happen, please let me know!

*I have no connection or financial interest in either of these businesses, I'm just a fan of their work.


  1. Oh! I have some videos on how to make a traditional witch's besom! I can send them to you! I've been meaning to do the same here, and I am on the look out for those birch twigs that fall. Finding ash will probably the hardest though and I may have to use poplar instead because to my knowledge ash does not grow in Montana XD And the Willow-withies will be easy to obtain.

  2. Awesome possum! I think I may have seen it, but not sure. I like in Texas, and while we do have Ash trees here, I live in the big old city and can't very well go hacking off branches. Not sure about Birch. Fortunately, I've got family in rural areas; I might need to make a trip out there to see what I can find.