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Monday, March 4, 2013

On Silent Wing

I went out for a bird-watching walk this evening as the sun was setting, and I was not disappointed. As I stood quietly at the top of the hill, I saw something white take flight from a neighbouring field and head my direction. I made sure to stay completely still, and watched in awe as a Barn Owl flew not 10 feet from me. It made no noise at all, but I could see its little face and beautiful white and brown feathers. I watched the owl's path and saw it swoop down into a large grassy area (no doubt catching food) and vanish into the darkness.

Some people fear owls, but they are my favourite animal and, I think, good luck (at least for me.) Of course, the owl has a long history of being thought of as magical and mystical and is sacred to Hecate amonsgt others. I feel fortunate that I was blessed to see one in flight; because of their nocturnal habits and secretive nature, not many get to see them in their natural habitat.

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