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Friday, September 6, 2013

Crafting Charms

A local Witch friend and I worked on some written charms last week using some magical ink she had made herself and some of my parchment paper. The charms we chose were inspired by one found in Gemma Gary's "Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways" but also incorporated some of my own touches and a few other secret flourishes. After I finished writing out my paper charm, I enclosed it in a charm bag along with a few magical herbs and a magnet. The finished product, intended to bring good luck and banish ill health, can be carried on the person or placed under the bed.

Me, hard at work

The finished charm

My friend inscribes a charm onto parchment


  1. Love the look of the charm. I'm going to have to look into reading that book.

  2. Hi Raven, I find your posts very interesting. I am a traditional witch from Montreal, and would like to send you a link to our website:
    It's full of traditional information from an initiated witch's point of view, and includes a PDF called "Wicca the Ancient Way".
    Happy reading!
    Blessed be,