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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stocking The Witch's Cabinet

My order from Mountain Rose Herbs arrived, and boy, am I happy! When it comes to herbs and oils, "less is NOT more" seems to be my motto, and since "natural magic" or Green Witchcraft seems to make up the bulk of my practice, I'm constantly experimenting with various herbal recipes, ointments, and such. In my package, I got loads of essential oils, two kinds of tea, some dried herbs, Epsom salts, cocoa butter, some fragrance oil, and other bits and bobs. Let me share some pictures with you, to give you an idea of the awesome amounts of nifty things that came yesterday:

Most of the bounty is shown above

This fragrance oil is 100% natural, and smells amazing. Kind of like a spicy, musky, sexy incense

Some assorted essential oils. Ignore the dusty tablecloth!

Copal resin, and some awesome teas! Can't wait to try them....

Much of my Witchcraft is beginning to overlap with natural/herbal medicine, so I'm working hard and learning more and more about the medicinal qualities of herbs and remedies. I've found that when you combine high-quality herbs, with magical intent, you can get the best results. Check back to see the various oils, incenses, and potions I turn all this stuff into!


  1. Nice stuff...I really prefer to make my own stuff...get my own bottles but good stuff indeed ;)

  2. The other day I was looking everywhere for pictures of an order from Mountain Rose Herbs, and found nothing. And then today I click a link to your blog and find one by accident. Awesome!

    Do you mind if I ask how long it took for your order to get to you? I'm thinking of buying some things, but I might be moving soon and I've long since stopped believing sites on when their shipments will arrive.

  3. Jasmine,

    They ship pretty fast, I usually get my order within a week. They're definitely an "herb" place, and not a "Witch" shop; "Witch" shops, to me, take ages and ages to ship. I've ordered from Mountain Rose many, many times and have always been 100% satisfied, not only with their shipping, but with the very high quality and freshness of their products. I highly recommend them, and as long as you're not moving within two weeks or so, you have nothing to worry about. I only use them, or Alchemy Works, for my herbal needs.

    Hope this helps!