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Monday, July 4, 2011

Foxglove and Vine....And a New Book!

Despite the horrible, horrible heat of the Summer (and it's been unseasonably hot, even for Texas) some of my plants are doing well. My vines, for example, have flourished and are perhaps doing TOO well; they've gone off the top of their trellis, and are creeping their way around my door, trying to find a way in.

Nearby, I encountered some Foxglove, growing tall and wild, doing fine despite the oppressive heat. Now, I don't grow it myself (I had some, but decided it was too dangerous to keep around a busy apartment complex) but I wish I could. I've always found it beautiful, and of course it has many (cautious) used in magic and herbalism.

Also, my wonderful friend Jack Copal of "Bewitching Books" has finished my custom grimoire, and it should be on its merry way to the US from Scotland, right as we speak. It's a huge, post-bound volume, with a black leather and green brocade cover....and best of all, a huge septagram made from real sterling silver! For years, I've used small journals, loose-leaf paper, or big clunky binders and it will be wonderful to have a beautiful, custom book that I can use, and treasure, for the rest of my life. Here's a picture that Jack sent me, and I will of course post more and a full review as soon as the book arrives. I can't wait!


  1. Foxglove is a very common wild flower in the Pacific Northwest, and is also used as an ornamental by many people. I saw a house on a corner lot in the Seattle city limits earlier today that has the entire yard covered. It's not really that dangerous to have around, unless you have little kids who might eat it. You can certainly touch it with your bare hands, as long as you're careful. I gathered some in the woods for incense making, and the amount I took didn't even make me need gloves. I did put them on when I was actually preparing it, though.

  2. The problem is, there are a lot of kids that go back and forth along the path near my potted plants, so I am afraid they might come in contact with it. I've also read of the pollen contaminating nearby herbs, and as I don't have a lot of room, I figured it wasn't work the risk. It IS a beautiful, magical plant though, and as soon as I have a full yard, I'm going to plant some along with other esoteric selections.

  3. You should just move to Seattle, LOL! Then it's free growing. I've got night shade in the alley, too (but not the Deadly variety, unfortunately).