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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Very Own Hazel Tree

On Saturday I went downtown to the street market. It's held both weekend days during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn months. They have all kinds of amazing things, from local organic fruits and vegetables to honey, soap, plants, and other such and sundry. While I was walking around, I spied a booth selling plants and trees, and what should I see in the back but two very small Hazel bushes. I asked the booth owners, and they said that somebody had asked them to bring the trees to the street fair. I expressed interest in buying one, and said I would stop by later to see if the man had showed up. When I checked back he had not arrived, so I decided to purchase one of the two trees. They had both American and Beaked Hazel. I picked the Beaked form, because it is the one native to the Pacific Northwest where I live. The tree is very small, but Hazel grows quickly and in a few years I should be able to harvest nuts from it and possibly get some wood for wands and charms as well.

Here's an image of my precious little tree. I will be planting it today! So exciting to have one of my very own.

The Beaked Hazel


  1. oh we love to pick hazelnuts, they grow all around the cemetery where my parents rest!

  2. That's beautiful; I'd love to have a tree like that!!!