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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adventures in Wood Harvesting

Yesterday me and a fellow Witch went out into a rural area to look for wood to harvest. (I'm planning on selling my own line of wands and magical charms, so I've been in the "harvest" mode for a while.) Anyway, I managed to get some lovely Hawthorn and Hazel wood, and we even came across a few Rowans and a Blackthorn tree. During our adventures in an abandoned lot we also happened across what looked to be some sort of very old cold storage or root cellar. It reminded me of one of the storm cellars back in Texas, but above ground. It was lined with shelves holding ancient jars of peaches, jam, etc, some of which were still recognizable. Clearly the  field had once been home to a farmhouse, and we were seeing the remnants of somebody's old food storage.

In other news, my rooms are starting to look like a forest, what with all the birch bristles and Hazel branches and similar stacked up and drying in every single corner!



The old root cellar

Old broken bottles


  1. wow, what a discovery, I love the sounds of all those branches in your home,

  2. I think I know the other witch you went out with! That place looks pretty fantastic, by the way. I'd be terribly tempted to clean it up and give it a makeshift roof for Future Witch Excursions.