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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

Learn from my story, and don't take too many antibiotics! I took lots of them over the years, for acne and sinus infections and all kinds of things. As a result, a couple of years ago I developed a really bad stomach infection that results when you've killed off all the "good bacteria" in your gut, and the bad ones then have a chance to grow. A course of meds got rid of it, but I've since had two recurrences, one being right now. At the moment, I'm very sick and going to the doctor in an hour or so.

Scary stuff. You can die from what I have, though I don't think I will because I'm reasonably young, I've caught it early, and I'm getting treatment. However, I've been researching it and it appears that now, healthy people who've not ever taken antibiotics are getting it (it's called "Clostridium Difficile, by the way.) Because we're so accustomed to demanding pills every time we go to the doctor, and because we use antibiotic "wet wipes" and hand sanitizer and the like on every single dirty surface, we've managed to create super-bugs that resist treatment, and weakened our immune systems to boot.

Wish me luck everybody! I'm not terrified (yet) but I am worried, and I'm pretty sick. I'll let everybody know how the doctor goes.

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