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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dark Mirror

As promised, here's an entry about my creation of, and use of, a Dark Mirror. If you don't know, a dark mirror is (as you might guess) a mirror or glass that's been darkened and magically consecrated for use as a divination tool. Some people use an actual mirror, with smoked glass, but others simply paint the back of a glass picture frame with dark paint, and use that. I chose the latter course.

I actually made mine a couple of years ago. I went to the craft store and bought an antique-looking picture frame and some flat black paint, and took it home. After laying out some newspaper, I removed the back from the frame and slid out the glass, cleaned it, and then put it on the paper. I sprayed the back of the glass with a coat of the black paint, let it dry, and then applied another one to make sure that it was evenly coated and completely black. After it dried, I put the glass back into the frame (with the unpainted side facing OUT) and then put the back back on. After performing an empowering rite, the mirror was ready for use.

I recommend using it in a very dark room, with only one or two candles going, but be sure to place them where you don't see the reflection in the glass, because you want to have a perfectly smooth reflection. You can also burn a divination incense, consisting of Mugwort, Wormwood, or others. Place the mirror on your worktable or similar, standing on edge, and sit about 4-6 feet away. Again, be sure that nothing is actually reflected in the glass; you want a perfectly black image to gaze into.

My own experiences with the mirror have been promising, but to be honest I haven't spend a huge amount of time with it. The first time I used it, I did began to see images, but felt I might not be ready for anything else so I stopped my experiment. In my case, after staring at the glass for about 5-10 minutes, I started to see what looked like a glowing mist forming. Shortly after, I began to see indistinct images (random shapes and such) swirling about, which then began to feel three dimensional and actually looked like they were coming OUT of the mirror, flying at me. It was definitely a witchy, magical experience but not something I would recommend if you are of a nervous or unsure disposition. Out of all the "gazing" methods of divination I have tried, the Dark Mirror had the best and most rapid results, quicker and better than a crystal ball or similar.

I do hope this has been instructive. Here's an image of my Dark Mirror at work, so hopefully you can get an idea of the technique I use.


  1. I've always wanted to make my own dark mirror and try stuff with it - I used to "see" things when I would gaze out the window of a train at night, for example, and have wanted to exercise this and see where it leads ever since. (All witches in my family are weird like that. And the other women ignore their "gifts". I guess our youngest sister is afraid of hers.)

  2. I can see how it could be scary. I found the Mirror to be a little scary myself; you never quite know what you're going to see. Definitely not for the newcomer to magic. Anyway, glad you liked my post!

  3. I would highly recommend having a cover for the mirror. I myself am working on a mirror, I just need to get a pane of glass to fit the frame I have. It is a small frame, but one that turns, which is nice. The paint that I am going to use is going to be infused with mugwort and other divination herbs. Not the herbs themselves, but the oils. I've also read that making a wash of mugwort and other divination herbs for you mirror will help with the visions seen.

  4. By "cover" do you mean for when not in use? When I'm not using it, I wrap it in black velvet and hide it away in the dark; don't want too much light on it. I thought about mixing herbs with the paint, but decided against it. However, I do have a Mugwort infused oil that I use to anoint my divination-related tools.

  5. I've also got a green glass "witch ball" that I use for divination, similar to the old glass fishing floats recommended by so many. I will have to do a blog about that soon.

  6. Yes that's what I meant :P I have a nice black silk that I will be using once I find a pane of glass. But alas I have not taken the time to get one cut XD

    A witch ball is also very good as a protection charm :D

  7. Indeed! I do like black silk. I found my glass/frame at the craft store; it's just a picture frame. If I ever find a really amazing frame elsewhere, in an even larger size, I might make a bigger one.

    I actually have a couple of witch balls; the green one, which is really more like a fishing float, and the other one is a more traditional one, multiple colours and with glass strands inside to "trap" evil.