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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halloween's A-Coming!

Yes, I know it's still August, but it's not too long now before Halloween season us upon us. As you won't be at all surprised to learn, Halloween is my favourite holiday......and my favourite time of year.

Though we don't get much in the way of Fall here (yesterday was 107, and everything is so burned up and hot, I can't imagine it ever cooling off again) there are still one or two cool days during October, which I guess makes us appreciate them more. I love the dark, grey, windy days of gloom and such the we sometimes get in the Fall, and I love seeing all the pumpkins set upon porches and in windows. Most of all, I love decorating for the holiday, with little Witches and ghosts and skeletons. I don't much like the bloody, gory stuff, but I do like cheerful pictures of skeletons and such.......as there is a large Death component to Halloween, I prefer to focus on the concept of Death as friend instead of Death as evil.

This year, as always, I'm be throwing a little part and making my pumpkin cake with the Maple frosting. I'll also be doing my Samhain rituals, hopefully this time with others. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates, recipes, spells, and such to come on my blog here. Last year, I took sick with the flu or something right before Halloween and had to miss out, so this year I really want to make up for it.

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