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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thought For The Day

I've been poring over the writings of a very experienced, very traditional Hedgewitch of my acquaintance, and reading his work, I'm reminded of just now much I DON'T know. I feel as though I've only barely scratched the surface, magically speaking, and I suppose in a way that's true. It's funny, too, because the author in question is not a "big name" and if I were to link to him, it's unlikely his page would ring a bell. It just goes to show you, the real deal isn't always the one making the most noise, but the quiet one in the corner who's too busy spending their time "out in the field" to seek fame and publicity. Be that as it may, should I end up only half as wise as this particular Witch is, all of my efforts will have been worth it.

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