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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The First Fire of the Year

Behold, the first fire of the year! Now, keep in mind, I've just moved to the Pacific Northwest from Texas. Back home, it stays in the 80's all the way through October. In my new home, however, it's chilly, windy, and grey......in other words, just how Autumn SHOULD be. We've also been getting quite a bit of rain. My new place does not have central air, and I don't like to use the heater anyway, so I've been bundled up under blankets and wrapped in sweaters. Tonight, we made the first of what is sure to be many winter fires. I'm very much looking forward to spending long hours in front of the fireplace with a book and a good cup of hot tea!

In other news, my Hallowe'en preparations are coming along. Despite a few personal setbacks, I'm still quite excited about the holiday. I'm also pleased to report that my sprained ankle/foot is doing a bit better; it's still pretty sore, but I can put my weight on it now.

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