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Friday, February 1, 2013

My New Victorian Home

Today I'm moving yet again. I'm staying in the same town, but am leaving the condo I'm sharing with friends and moving to a Queen Anne style Victorian home that's been converted into apartments. I don't think it's any surprise  to my readers that I rather prefer the old-fashioned to the modern, and it's long been a dream of mine to live in a Victorian. On a more practical level, this new place offers me easily 4 times the space I have now. With that comes a level of privacy I  haven't had where I've been staying. The new place is located in the historic downtown area, and there are a lot of attractions within walking distance.

This is also going to be a lot better for my Craft work. My new home has a huge private sitting room, so I'll be able to set up a full altar and do much physically active magical rites without having to worry about running into the closet door or accidentally stabbing the wall with my magical knife. I plan on putting in special shelving to hold my herbs, incenses, and oils and will be able to have an entire bookshelf dedicated solely to my magical books. Atmosphere matters in magic, and I confess that I'll be much more "in the mood" magically in this beautiful (and a bit gothic) old home than I have been in the modern  condo I'm at now.

Now, I hate moving......it's one of my least favourite things. However, I think I shall be much happier at my new place, and I am sure all the work will be well worth it.

 Enjoy a few images. I love the beautiful carved staircase and the wrap-around porch. It's going to be lovely drinking my morning tea out there!

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