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Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Doldrums

Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but November always seems such a dreary month. It's too early to get worked up over Christmas, and it's also still rather warm in Texas so it doesn't feel very fall-like. This year, though, I am going with my sister to see my aunt and her family for Thanksgiving, so that should be really fun. I'm going to make an apple cake to take with me, and maybe (if I find the time) some Chex Mix as well.

In other news, I am still trying to find a good book to use as my Spell Book. In a previous post, you can catch a glimpse of what I'm using now; a three ring binder. It works great for on-the-go work, and I don't care if it looks nice or gets dirty. However, I definitely want something much nicer and longer-lived to hold copies of all my workings and recipes. The bad thing is, I have terrible, terrible handwriting, so any book I use is going to have to be screw-post bound so I can take the pages out and print them. I've found some beautiful books available online that cost many hundreds of dollars, but so far I haven't quite hit on "the one." Much like my blog itself, it's going to be a work in progress.

I don't really have any new crafts to show off, so I will leave you instead with pictured of my cats, Cosmic Creepers (the black one) and Marmalade. Enjoy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Post-Halloween Updates

Well, after all my planning, my Halloween was actually kind of a let-down. I'd been kind of sniffly all week,but managed to rally for my party. Alas, on Saturday I woke up very will, and spent the whole weekend and most of Monday in bed with what I think was the flu. So, I didn't get to do the parade or much of anything on Halloween itself. Such a disappointment! I'd been looking forward to attending a public ritual, too. Maybe next year...

In other news, it's finally starting to get chilly in Dallas. Slow cooker weather! I've got this amazing book, The Slow Cooker Bible, and I'm going to be trying out recipes from it. I'll be sure to post my results. I think the first one I'll be trying is a creamy turkey soup. Yum!