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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BTW Blog Help?

Maybe one of my lovely readers can help me with this: I started this thing AGES ago, and never had any intention of having many people read it. Now that it's becoming a bit more popular, though, I kind of wish I'd set up an e-mail account and domain name and all that just for this, to keep my usual one separate and private. Is there any easy to to transfer all what I have to another blog, without losing my followers, or would I just have to copy and paste and start over? I'd hate to lose my comments and time/date stamps and what not.

Any help? Thanks!


  1. From Blogger's Dashboard, go to Settings and click Export blog. It lets you download your blog so you can move it or just have a saved copy.

  2. Awesome possum, thanks! I will let everybody know if I move it to a new location.