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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Bad Weather, And My New Book of Shadows Plan

Well, just when we thought it was over, more snow and ice came through. I had to be at work very early on Wednesday morning, around 5am. When I got there, there was just a little bit of ice on the windows. By the time I left, there was high winds, driving sleet, and ice on everything. Visibility, and the road itself, was very poor and I was worried about making it home ok. I took some of these pics to show off the ice; very rare for Texas!

Oddly enough, it was over and done with by around 11. While it stayed very cold (and it still is!) the sun came out, and the concrete was warm enough that much of the ice melted. There are still some slippery spots, though, and it's only about 22 degrees out right now While I'm happy we got some cold (without at least a few very cold snaps, the bugs would be AWFUL come Spring and Summer) I am definitely ready for it to be over with. Ice, damp, etc are hard on me (I've got some chronic pain issues) and I can't wait until Spring when I can start to plant my seeds and work on my container garden.

In other news, I am just about read to order my custom Book of Shadows* from my online pal, Jack Copal, in Scotland. It's going to be hand-made from velvet and leather and all kinds of good stuff, and I can't wait! I've been using loose leaf paper and a binder for a long time, now, and I'm ready to get something permanent and attractive. I've spent a lot of time designing it, because I wanted to be sure I got something that looked Earthy and friendly, and not dark or scary.

Hope everybody's well!

* Why do I call it a "Book of Shadows" when I'm not a Wiccan per se? Well, it's just an easy term to use, and a term I like. I tried calling it a "grimoire" but that made it sound like a book of Ceremonial Magic, which it most certainly is not. "Recipe book" sounds like it would be full of cakes and pies, and "book" just sounds bland. "Spellbook" doesn't work for me, so "Book of Shadows" it is. I believe Doreen Valiente used the term even after she'd left Wicca, so if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me!


  1. I was perfectly happy with the 80 degree warm front we were having. I like the snow, but I'm ready for Spring and flip-flops.

    Your new book sounds gorgeous! I'm jealous. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping it will be. It's still a ways off (still in the planning stage) but I'm definitely psyched about it.

    Yeah, Monday was SO warm, and then Tuesday night/Wednesday, it had to go and turn all bad again. I really want to go camping, but it's going to have to wait a few more months, sadly.

  3. I don't consider myself Wiccan, but rather prefer the moniker of Witch. I use a Book of Shadows everyday. Guess what I'm trying to say is you don't have to be Wiccan to keep a Book of Shadows...

  4. Dark and scary is okay, sometimes ;D

  5. Eric,

    Yeah, dark and scary can be ok sometimes. I've actually thought of keeping TWO books; one with the lighter stuff, one with the darker stuff, but decided in the end it would be too much work.