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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warmer Weather and Gardening Dreams

Only in Texas! Last week, we had a terrible ice storm and the temperatures at night dipped down to around 8 degrees fahrenheit. Today, the high reached around 80 degrees, and it was very warm and humid. Quite a drastic change!

Lots of new to report. First and foremost, I got very good news yesterday. My health isn't very good, and I get benefits because I'm unable to work much. Anyway, all was well (so I thought) until December, when they started sending me letters saying there was some mistake, a problem, and that I never should have gotten any of the benefits I got. Needless to say, this terrified me (it would be a LOT of money to pay back, and I depend on these benefits to get by) and I knew it didn't sound right. It took a couple of months, but I did end up getting everything sorted out. I was in the right, and prevailed. Good news, but it was all very stressful and tiring.

Also, it's getting close to time for me to start to work on my container garden. I live in an apartment, so I don't have much ground to work with (though I am allowed to plan a few flowers along the border of my steps) but I manage to get by well enough with pots of things. Last year was the first year I ever tried to grow anything, and it quickly became an absorbing hobby. This year, I'm wiser and more experienced, so I'm hoping my herbs and such will do even better than they did last year. I also learned that, when you have a small space, it's better to plant dwarf sunflowers instead of full size ones. I'm going to be growing a lot of herbs, both for magical AND for medical/culinary use, and also hopefully will learn more about drying and storing them myself.

I'll post pics once I get all my pots done and my soil sorted out (it's too early to plant still) but in the meantime, here's some pics from last year.

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